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pcphunter: one thing you didn’t mention is that a pb pistol used for self defense rarely has the advantage of a lot of planning and forethought. It’s just aim for center mass and hope for the best. (often, without the use of sights, much less scopes)

So, for example, that Benjamin .357 Bulldog, compared to the lowly .380 ACP. Remember that, for self-defense rounds, the standard is higher than just “an ethical kill.” If someone is coming at you with a knife, you’re not happy to know he will die within 30 seconds. You want him down NOW. That takes an upper chest hit with what, 400 FPE? and good expanding ammo.

As to your question (having come from PBs myself): “As for the others, would you give you wife a .25 acp., a 32 auto or a .380 acp to protect herself?????”

I would probably give my wife a 22LR with high velocity, solid point ammo. (120 FPE) Otherwise, she will be almost as afraid of the recoil as of her attacker. I’d rather give her the confidence that comes with a chance of good shot placement and easy follow-up shots than “enough power” and higher odds of missing and not getting a follow-up shot. Also, let’s not forget the psychological advantage of just HAVING a gun at the ready. Often, that’s enough to skirt the bad situation, so that shooting is not even required. (source: The Armed Citizen column from American Rifleman magazine)