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I just purchased one of Monroe Airs’ (aka Dave Monroes’) Composite 4500 p.s.i. 44 c.f. SCBA air tanks that he currently has for sale. It arrived yesterday in perfect condition and you could hardly tell it had been used! Very recent hydrostatic testing stamped on the tank, as he posted in his classified ad. This is my very first purchase of a PCP accessory, and the beginning of my transition to the “Darkside”…Being an old timer and just getting back into airgunning again, I have many, many questions which is why I joined Airgun Nation! Well, Dave Monroe went out of his way to help me understand PCP airguns, how they worked and what I needed to complete the setup of a filling station for my first rifle!Dave’s thorough communication throughout the process was very much appreciated by me! He answered every question I had, sent photos of his air tanks to me and relayed his own personal experience with PCP airguns to help this “newbie” out! This was a great deal for me…And, I’m so glad that Dave Monroe was the seller! I have learned so much! And, I made a very honest, forthright and trustworthy friend on Airgun Nation at the same time!You can trust Dave Monroe to do what he says he’s going to do…and sell you exactly what he says he’s going to sell you! That was my experience and I wanted everyone on Airgun Nation to know!Thanks, Dave…