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I don’t think anyone except one of the tuners like Ernest (or air gun store owners) will be able to answer that kind of question accurately as our experience will be limited to the guns we’ve owned. Someone like Ernest has direct experience of tuning a wide range of air guns where he specifically looks at shot count (among other things). 

Also, “efficient” means different things depending on the context. A gun could be efficient with air a get 3 powerful shots per fill. I think most people would mean shot count but it’s hard to do direct comparisons as they have different size air reservoirs and power levels. 

Maybe start with narrowing it down to a caliber and desired power level. If you were looking for a 22, for example, with great shot count on a 3000 psi fill, I would concur with Black Diesel – the 22 cal Hatsan guns I have owned have done well on shot count with a 3000 psi fill (but not the 25’s). With an added regulator, they would do even better. They don’t get the same shot count as the Cricket or the Mutant though. My new 22 Mutant Shorty gets more shots from a smaller reservoir.

I would be looking at one of the factory regulated high quality guns from FX, kalibrgun, Taipan etc if the goal is efficient use of air and max shots per fill. These guns can be filled higher than 3000 psi but they also do well with just 3000 psi. They all get great shot count in 22 and even in 25. When tuned for max shot count, the number of shots can be impressive…. Regulators make a huge difference to efficiency.

From my collection, I am constantly impressed by how rarely I need to fill my 25 Cricket considering the power it puts out. It has a large cylinder but still, 60 consistent shots at close to 50fpe makes it a pleasure to use. If it was tuned down, I can only imagine….