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“iride”I just installed a 1/2 20 adapter from D man a Donny LDC the D man gave me free, My Mutant shorty is so quiet I thought the pellet stuck in the barrel, The sparrow went down at 48 yards, There is a limit to quietness, and the only way to make the Mutant shorty quieter is to let all the air out of the gun and whisper bang bang.
I now no what quiet is , My LDC Crickets sound like shot guns .
The only reason I want quiet is not to spook my game, ( sparrows)
This gun just continues to make me speechless, Flips me out,

I can believe it. Mine is super quiet as it comes. Far quieter than any other 22 I have heard. I did a little test of firing a shot into the ground while a neighbor across the street was in his driveway and he didn’t even look up to see what the noise was. It didn’t even register. That’s the definition of “backyard friendly”. 

The only reason I’d use an additional ldc would be out of curiosity to see just how quiet it is possible to get. It’s quiet enough indoors to not be heard by my wife in the room above.