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Hey from Virginia Beach!
My name is Terry…I’m just getting back into airgunning, which has always been one of my favorite passions, since I was a youngster! I’m an “oldster” now, and I am truly overwhelmed and amazed with all the innovations, improvements and vast choices available to modern airgunners today! Growing up, we had Crosman and Daisy…that was pretty much it and BB guns were the most popular. You either “pumped it” or “gassed it” when the basic CO2 technology was finally developed! Nobody knew how many feet per second their pellets were traveling or how many foot pounds of force they generated either! If you had a scope on your rifle…you were a real “marksman”! Times have definitely changed and I have a lot of catching up to do!
I decided that my first new airgun would be a “springer” or break-barrel. After much research and many hours of watching or reading airgun reviews, I chose the Hatsan Mod 95 in .22 caliber. I am really pleased with my choice and pleasantly surprised at the quality, consistency and power of that airgun! I wanted more! My next choice was a CO2 rifle, so I opted for the Beeman QB78 Deluxe because of the very affordable cost, great reviews and the abundance of “hop-ups” available down the road…Great little “plinker” for not a lot of $! I wanted more! Nowhere left to go, except to the “Darkside” and PCP airguns! I bought a Hawke Airmax 4-12x40AO scope on another airgun forum, because I knew I was going to need great glass! I then purchased a SCBA air tank on this forums’ classifieds, because my bad back couldn’t handle a HPA hand pump! I’m probably going to get the SCBA assembly from Joe at in the next few weeks…I hear you, “where’s the PCP airgun?”  Well, if I’m a good boy, Santa said that “she” would leave a Gamo Coyote Whisper .22 Airgun under the Christmas tree! I feel just like Ralphie in A Christmas Story! So, I’m going to be really good! I’ll let you know…
Thank you for the opportunity to introduce myself! I look forward to you all sharing your airgun experience, knowledge and wisdom!