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They are British rifles and were designed that way. Not sure of the age of these rifles but they were designed before the carbon fiber tank. Their air tubes are quite small so I only get about 25-30 shots as it is ( the pistol about 20). I discussed the rebuild with Alan and decided to put them back to the way they were originally designed. I actually shot a 1/2 in group yesterday witht the .177 and had 3 others going except for 1 shot. The pistol blows my mind every time I shoot it. I need to lighten the trigger but it is fussy so I have let it alone for now. I am quite accurate with it at 50 yards. We have little air gunning here in Albuquerque so I have never competed but will at Extreme Benchrest. I really like the pistol so much that when I saw these other rifles, I grabed them up.
My friend Van Jacobi used to be a Falcon dealer and had tons of parts and old stocks in his shop. I saw an old AOA display at SHOT from 2004 and Falcon was the FX back then. They really had some cool looking rifles. I helped him put the pistol together with spare parts he had laying around. We had a ball doing it! I went ahead and bought an extra stock thinking I would put the pistol on it later but then the other rifles appeared. I just happen to see the ad in the yellow the same day I listed in AGN classified for the second stock. Guess God was looking out after me! These are just unique vintage rifles that I enjoy shoot behind the house. It really help me play the wind.
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