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“PlanB”Hey Weatherby, im trying to learn this tuneing.
when starting with low hammerspring pressure and working up until fps starts to decrease. Does it matter what bar my guage is on? of course i know not to go over factory recomendations or below regulator setting.

You kind of answered you own question :)
When you are above regulated pressure and below maximum fill pressure you are good to go.
Just make sure you have enough air so you can make several shots for a string.
Just above reg. pressure is not preferable, because it will drop of the reg. in no time.
When adjusting, stop at the point where the speed does not increase anymore. When you go beyond that point, the speed will drop, and the valve gets a beating.
My Royales are regulated at 140bar, my Boss 160bar. The 400cc bottle may be filled to 232bar, the 500cc to 250bar.
O yeah, and adjust in small increments :)