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Well, overall I think the Airmax pistol is a heck of a good gun for the price. I paid $259 each. Not bad for a regulated pistol. Both of mine in stock form were accurate and fun to shoot. With a little hammer spring adjusting, set the trigger to your liking, and you have a good solid pistol. These guns are also very easy to work on and as you see in my above posts, very easy to modify.

The negatives. The stock orings are junk!! I am getting by with the spares sent with the guns, but I will be ordering good quality orings and replacing all the stock ones.

The regulators do take awhile to break in and until they do, you get a rather pronounced non regulated bell curve.

The swing open breech/loading gate does have some blow by issues but can be easily fixed. In all honesty the blow by doesn’t have much effect on the chrono results but may bother some. One gun had blow by and the other did not.

That is really it. For the price point, it is hard to complain about this gun. Is it an FWB??? NO!!! But, it is a fine pcp pistol that performs well and fits into alot of airgunners budgets. Though myself and others have been very critical of the vendor and for good reason, they actually have a winner with the Airmax. I think most people will be very happy with these guns in stock form. For guys like me that like to tinker and modify guns, this platform is very simple and full of potential.