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“iride”Yea, with the PCP guns I as warned away from the 177 cal Pellet,,, with the 22 and 25 and now the 30 cal shooting in the 900 FPS bracket,
But coming down and back stops the big ones do a lot more damage, I find my self looking at the 177 Mutant, (if it excised ) as A gun that could shoot the little 177 at 30 and 45 degree angles and still come down with no damage to anything.
I maybe going backwards but I think the 177 will have a flatter arch than the big ones..


The .177 Mutant is no longer in production. I heard it from a reliable source. That’s why I went thru the trouble of getting a .177 AA S200 barrel,factory .177 conv kit and another Mutant .22 Shorty.