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“Alan”My first thought is, who cares? I shoot a lot of pigeons dead in the body. Sometimes they just drop, and sometimes they fly away for a few yards, and then drop. A few I have nailed 3 times complete with red mist, feathers, and a bunch of dust on their far side, yet, they fly and disappear into the distance. I assume they die within a few minutes.

Where I shoot pigeons, is on a dairy feed lot. We’re not talking dozens, or hundreds, but thousands up on thousands! I could care less where I hit them, because I have in the back of my mind, that each and everyone of those birds eats about 150 times their weight each year. For an average pigeon, than it nearly 80 pounds of cattle feed per year EACH!!!

Thats a lot of wasted money. How much does 80lbs of feed cost roughly?