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“Kitplanenut”As far as I’m concerned you can shoot them ANYWHERE you can get a pellet into them. I have some commercial buildings my wife and I own that we rent out for our retirement. Every year it seems I have to pay to repair damage done to the HVAC units on the roof caused by pigeons. I just paid a 3800.00 dollar bill for the last damage. I could have bought 2 Impacts! They are just feathered RATS. 

You would be wrong about shooting them ANYWHERE, because it is irresponsible and inhumane.  They can cause lots of damage and there population does need to be controlled, but it should all happen in an humane and responsible manner.

I hate to say it, but I agree with Alan and kitplanenut here: If they’re causing a lot of damage ($$) hit them wherever you can. Preferably a quick kill, but c’mon Ginuwine1969. Be real. If you just paid a $3800 bill for an A/C unit, I bet your standards would go down quite a lot.