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Making a diy airgun is not the issue. People get upset about putting another companies brand on the product without permission. It’s considered to be a form of stealing. I.e. Intellectual property theft. 

As buyers here, we don’t want to be worried about receiving a fake when we buy an expensive airgun which is a big concern with buying things like watches online. 

If I lived in China under such restrictions and had to pay over $8,000 for an original, I might suddenly become ok with a cheaper alternative from a local machine shop. It sounds like there is no legal way to buy an airgun there anyway (copy or original). Either way there is a risk of jail.

Still it would be better for everyone if the air guns didn’t have company names printed on them. Those logos add nothing to the shooting experience and without them, a small change to the stock design and there is no issue. They obviously have the skills to create some unique and good looking designs. People love seeing unique DIY airguns. 

I’m interested in those pellet molds. I’ve seen people casting their own bullets but I haven’t seen anyone here casting diabolo pellets. I wonder if it works out cheaper or if pellets are too cheap here to make it worth it.