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I’ve already started working on a new Mutant stock. This is the inletting mold which is the most important bit:

With this I can fit the Mutant action into any bullpup stock pattern I like (including a Cricket stock). I prefer synthetic stocks for bullpups too. It’s not just the look, they don’t warp in warm and cold weather. They just have to be made strong enough to not flex. I haven’t decided what I’m going to make my Mutant stock out of yet. I’m thinking to use a blend of materials.

I like wood for full length rifles but only if it’s particularly nice wood like you get on Daystate guns. It’s like they recognize that they charge a premium and make sure you get a product that looks the part so you don’t wonder where your money went. They look special. 

Stocks are important. Many PCP guns look the same once you remove the stock. A poor quality stock can cause all kinds of accuracy issues too.  I don’t think the mutant stock will cause accuracy issue as the inletting design is good. I think that it’s issues are more to do with comfort, aesthetics and durability. Luckily, it’s issues are easily fixed and it’s good enough to be worth the trouble. 

Most of the stock issues could be fixed with a piece of sandpaper, some $7 aluminum pillars and a can of spray paint.