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JD, I have the Tactic in 25. What I like about it… I like the longer format personally, I like the built in picatinny slot. Mine has been extremely accurate and even after setting a month was still spot on. Mine came set with only a first stage trigger trigger setup which I have found that I like. It breaks very crisp at around 8-10oz’s. The loudness or lack of it suits me fine. 

Where there was room for improvement…Mine was the first generation and the stock to recoil pad fit is kinda of hideous. The stock on the the later versions have been slimmed down to fit the butt pad perfectly. 

When I first got mine the cocking was a little rough as noted with most of the Vulcans. What has helped a lot on mine was switching the bolt handle to the other side for a while and relubing the sliding parts. Can’t remember the exact lube but it’s a DuPont, GPI something or the other. Not cheap but it’s good stuff. Now my bolt cocking is very smooth as I leave it on the right side. 

The only other problem is how fast the choke builds up lead flakes, mine is the 25cal and after 100-150 shots it needs cleaned. Other than these few issues I’ve really enjoyed the gun.