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“hsnmz”50+ ftlb, what more do you want my friend.

Agreed, 50+ ft/lbs is not bad at all.
Yesterday I shot my R500 for the first time, after I installed a regulator (140bar) and a SHP valve.
It was shooting 245m/s max. with the HST optimized for that particular regulator setting, and I was getting very small groups at 50m.
Because I like to see what the possibilities are, I increased the reg. pressure a bit with 1/6 of a turn. (Haven’t made a reg. tester yet.)
The speed after the adjustment was 255m/s with the HST optimized, and the groups were still very nice.

I read a lot of stories of people who crank up the hammer spring tension of their FX all the way, but this is totally wrong.
Besides that the speed will actually decrease instead of increase, you will definitely mess up your valve during time.
The only way of maximizing the speed of a Royale/Boss/Bobcat etc. is to start with low HS tension, and work your way up until the speed stops to increase. A chrony is a must.
If you increase the HST any further, the speed will drop again, and the valve will get a nasty beating every time you pull the trigger. 
If the reg. pressure is increased, you have to do the same adjustments again, work your way up slowly.

The Royales can be tuned to impressive numbers, but you have to know what you are doing.
There are people who mess up their gun by their own incompetence, and blame FX for making a poor product.
I’d say, FX makes a bit more delicate product, but when tuned right, they will shoot like that for thousends and thousends of pellets. Besides that, I have yet to see a gun which shoots just as consistent as a regulated FX. Even my LG110 has a bigger spread than my Royales and Boss.
There is a reason why I have got 3 Royales and a Boss.