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Here’s a spin on T3Pranches idea I mounted the traps to the wall place them at about 6-7 inch height for the bait trip pad. Then I made a 3 sided protective box that sits over the trap yet has enough room to allow it to snap. The rat smells the bait is comfortable reaching up. His head only has one position, no walking up the wrong side, no pets can get in it. Scale it down it’s equally effective for mice. My uncle had a furniture factory, the other half of the building was a main distributor for Lay’s potato chips. If they get totally out of hand a drown drum is a nice trick. A bar drilled thru the center with a piece of sheet metal mounted in the middle, at each end we used the old metal 35mm film cannisters filled with bacon fat, or sardines. You secure the cannisters to the ends of a 3″X12″ sheet metal with screw eyes. With Duolock fishing snaps and a small sinker it keeps the board even. The rats walk the bar or jumps from the rim the board tilts the rats end up in the drum. Much more fun would be a nice semi with nite vision