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I understand what you concern, I also know that you think it is bad to do it
But if I can through the normal channels have their own favorite regular vendors sell PCP, why I still can DIY?
You want to know that your DIY have the following questions, 1, you may be for the purchase of raw materials is grasp to go to detention! 2, you may be facing some manufacturing problems, such as leakage, there is too much error in shooting, perhaps in the process of making lead to injury.
3, spend more cost, including time cost (debugging unceasingly, the rework, the waste materials, etc.)
China has a small workshops secretly production of PCP can buy, but the PCP is not what I want, they make will be better than I’ve ever made, but that’s not what I want.
I know that should protect copyright, patent protection, but when you don’t have the channel to get what you want, what do you do? You can oneself fumble, slowly slowly. Because it is what you want, maybe you are in the process of practice, can a better understanding of it, improve it. Isn’t it?