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NMshooterTry this for doves, even my kids ate them when they were young
1. Cut up oinions, fresh garlic, cerlery red/green/yellow peppers(out of the garden or farmers market is best) and of course GREEN CHILE ( a must!)
2. Soak Doves and vegetables in Italian dressing for at least 4 hours (all day or overnight is best).
3.  Make an aluminum foil pan large enough to hold both doves and vegetables for the grill.  
4. Be sure to damp the coals down to low heat.
5. Place foil pan on the grill with contents (including italian dressing). Cook covered.
6. Don’t discard remaining dressing as you will  want to add if all evaporates off. Keep it “wet”.
7. Turn breasts periodically and be  sure to place peppers/chile over the breasts to incorporate the flavor.
8. Cook to medium rare. DON’T overcook!!!!!! ( when in doubt pull-em off you can always put them back on the grill)
9. After you take them off the grill don’t turn your back or they will be gone. My kids love this dish and look forward to dove season all year long!Note: You can do this in a saucepan but the charcoal  really adds to the flavor!

That sounds really good.