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Willie I concur with what you said. I bought and have a seek camera that attaches to my phone Galaxy note 5. Here are a couple pictures I took as examples they are of my son and our puppy. The pictures are in grey scale which is easiest to “see” things in the dark. The outside ambient temperature was 96 degrees when these pictures were taken. You get better visibility and differentiation of objects when there is a greater temperature difference. The one picture was taken at about 15 yards and the other at about 23 yards. Even though there is not that great of  temperature difference you can still “see” my son and the puppy. In short you can use these cameras for spotting things in the dark but like Willie said above you would want some kind of IR device for shooting. Also you can take video along with still pictures and when things move you see them moving in real time on the screen. A spotting device, yes. For shooting not really, at least the “low” end thermal cameras currently available. In these pictures white (lighter) is hot, darker is cooler. The block wall to their left and behind them are the hottest as they were still quite warm from the sun even though it has been about 2 1/2 hours since the sun light was hitting them. The blue splotches are open sky in the background that are “colder” than the temperature range I had the camera set up to display in grey scale. In the first picture the puppy is sitting under my sons out stretched hand. As a further example of the limitations with close temperature ranges at an extended range is the last picture. It was taken from the center of the cul-de-sac. The 2 story houses in the background are real close to 110 yards away. I circled the spot where my son is standing, 15 yards in front of the houses, in the entrance to the cul-de-sac. His thermal signature fades right in with the ambient temperature. You can see the heat signatures under the vehicles parked along the street. Don’t know if this helps show how these cameras work. Maybe in a couple days I’ll get out later or early in the morning and take another picture when there is a greater thermal difference between objects at a distance.