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Personally I leave my breach slightly open when I store the gun for the day.  This way the pellet probe is not deforming the breach o-ring over long periods of being idle.  I also put a towel over the breach loading area to keep dust out.  But hey, that’s probably overkill on my part.  I just like to keep things clean and neat.

I second these…except the towel…   :)

My Vulcan .25 is very accurate out of the box, easy to maintain/access parts, light weight, has a decent shot count.  

The new generations (2 and above) have the new hammer/spring/guide combo installed (or you can ask for one from the manufacturer) so they do not have that ping anymore. The reg is very accurate and stays within 5-10fps for almost the entire string.

It’s a bit loud, it’s even more apparent next to my Mutant (albeit in .22), and the stock is not the best looking. The cocking is a bit hard at first and gets better with time but I do not think there is enough leverage in the lever which could make the cocking much smoother. There is a mod for that now from Brasil…a bit pricey IMHO.

I would buy it again…or also consider a Mutant.