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@huben….I think most of us share your enthusiasm for airguns and there are some interesting pictures you posted.  I have mixed feelings about seeing some of the well-known brands around the world copied without much of an attempt to distinguish it from the real thing, and/or made into a “fantasy” gun of sort..but to each his own.

I have to take you by your word that the strict airgun controls in China necessitate people there making their own airguns.  However, there is a line where you cross between an airgun enthusiast who wants to have access to the fun and technology of the world famous airguns and someone who copies and profits from the hard work and innovation of others. I will not the judge in which groups you belong in, but by asking for someone on this forum to provide you a 3D print of a Steyr you are missing what in essence this forum is about.  You probably did not check out the numerous threads and posts  by AGN members where members tinker, improve, rework, innovate their rifles that they use and have fun with…..and they do because it’s a hobby and because of the camaraderie amongst us that makes us a team and friends.   

I cannot speak for all on this forum…but let me say this as a member:  This forum is welcoming to airgun enthusiasts but not for profiters. So instead of blind and mindless copying of innovation and technology that people around the world share and respect….I invite you to copy instead our enthusiasm for the aigrun hobby and enjoy being part of the team…be one of the givers and not one of the takers.