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“wyshadow”I believe the gun is geared towards a survival gun. No magazine means less moving parts. Made to be extremely compact, rugged, and durable backpack gun

There is always a reason given for guns being single shot: “it’s for accuracy, “it’s a target gun”, “it’s for survival” etc but there is no scenario where I won’t want a repeater. 

Here are what I see as the facts:

– We don’t live in a post apocalyptic walking dead style world. There is no reason to make sacrifices as if we did

– There are single shot trays for repeaters which do the same thing if I ever felt that need (never happened)

– The extra moving part in a repeater is the indexing pin and they can and do break but, when they do, I just index the mag by hand which is still far quicker and better than hand loading every pellet

– follow up shots might be useful in a survival scenario. You don’t want to get eaten while fumbling around trying to load the next pellet. 

– pellets are tiny and I don’t enjoy loading them so I want to get it out the way early 

– loading pellets in a break barrel means breaking position which is not good for groups

– a crossbow would be a better survival tool than any air gun as arrows can be reused and no air source is needed.

Incidently, that thing has a folding stock / folding air tube. Sounds like an additional moving part to me. Plus, it’s a new design which makes it more likely to go wrong. I don’t want to be testing a new design during the end of the world n stuff. 

Don’t get me wrong, I like the look of it and all Edgun products, I just won’t buy the single shot versions. I was happy to see Ed bringing out multi-shot versions of the Matador and Lelya. Hopefully he’ll do the same with this eventually.

More importantly, they need to sort their supply side out. They announced a new American distributor to solve this issue. I just looked on their site and everything is sold out apart from two 22 cal Matadors. I have more air guns in my small collection than they do in North America right now according to their website…