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Jaydoski–“Like others have stated before, the cocking isn’t that smooth.  It’s getting smoother over time for me (less than 200 shots fired) but sometimes it can be a little tricky at the end to lock the bolt forward. “

You can try putting a little silicone lube (divers food grade silicone) on the end of the pellet probe (brass part) that seals against the breach o-ring and you might be surprised at how easy it cycles.  Apply lightly.

Personally I leave my breach slightly open when I store the gun for the day.  This way the pellet probe is not deforming the breach o-ring over long periods of being idle.  I also put a towel over the breach loading area to keep dust out.  But hey, that’s probably overkill on my part.  I just like to keep things clean and neat.