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My thoughts about the Mutant mirror what Zebra posted above. My biggest gripe with the Mutant is the stock. The stock gives the initial impression that the rifle is of a lower quality than it actually is. The machine work, fit / finish, design, and function of the action and rifle itself is absolutely phenomenal. Sitting along side my Daystate Airwolf, which I personally consider to be in the top tier of air rifles, the mutant is right there with it. The stock on the other hand….  Compared to a “good quality” and well designed stock, the ergonomics of the Mutant stock leave much to be desired. The grip angle feels strange to me, especially when I jump back and forth between air rifles. The heel drop in the butt of the stock feels too high, I might install an adjustable pad to see if that solves it. Aside from my opinion on the functional aspect of the stock, it just looks cheap and plain. The stocks that Osyda is building for the rifle look more in tune to what it deserves. I have absolutely no accuracy issues with my rifle, but as Zebra also noted, the bedding (lack thereof) and stock to action interface is less than desirable.

For the money, the Mutant is a bargain in my opinion. It shoots as well as my Airwolf which cost me over 2x more than the Mutant. I get 5 magazines (60 shots) from a 220 bar fill with 18.1 JSB’s at 895 FPS. The action is butter smooth. The trigger is great. It is very quiet in factory form. The magazine design is simple and works flawlessly. I bought my Mutant from Anthony @ Talon Tunes on the deal he is currently running and honestly would have gladly paid more for the rifle if I had to… I like it that much.