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I love my Vulcan in 25.  It’s really accurate and even though it’s still new, the regulator seems to be working great.  I definitely think you’ll enjoy the Vulcan too but I must say I do have some gripes about the gun.

Like others have stated before, the cocking isn’t that smooth.  It’s getting smoother over time for me (less than 200 shots fired) but sometimes it can be a little tricky at the end to lock the bolt forward.  

Also as Fungun mentioned, the ergo’s of the grip doesn’t fit me well either, but I too have big hands.  My hand feels a bit smashed into the grip and it a little uncomfortable at the top of my hand and the bottom of my palm.  It doesn’t affect my shooting however, and this so far has been an accurate shooter.  

I also had a slow leak when I first got the gun and filled it.  I noticed I was losing around 10-20 bar every day so I tried something that someone posted on here earlier that had the same problem and that seemed to fix it.  For now it seems to be holding air just fine.

If sound is a problem for you, I would look into getting an LDC for your Vulcan.  The way it was stock it was a bit loud for my liking.  I have a Neil Clague LDC on there now and this thing is really quiet now.  Now all I hear is the hammer spring pinging (I believe it has the depinging mod from the factory but I still hear quite a ping) and the pellet impact.  

My stock is the older one without the adjustable butt-pad and without the accessory rail but I have actually just installed a picatinny rail on the bottom for a bipod and works as it should.  Other than the rail I added and the LDC, everything else is pretty much the same.  I’ve heard other say they’re getting over 40 shots per fill but mine seems to be a bit greedy on air right now and I think im getting around 30.  I’m chalking it up to the regulator still being new but I did lessen some of the HST adjustment to get a little under 900 FPS with JSB 25 grain stuff so hopefully I can get a few more shots out of it.