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“feel the shot”

That can be very true. Especially for spring guns, shooting from the bench can be more challenging than otherwise. The “consistency” needed for spring guns comes from the subtle feel of the rifle as it rests and recoils. The shooter can make the unseen adjustments to the hold to allow the pressure points and movement to be what the gun prefers. That can be hard to reproduce on the bench.

Part of the effort will be to come up with a resting technique that will allow the rifle to shoot consistently without so much human interaction.

I’m going to shoot a recoiling piston gun in the airgun Benchrest Nationals. I’m still working on a good rest setup.

As it is now my, bench scores will be lower than if I was sitting on the ground and holding the rifle.

I see it as a opportunity to learn more about my rifle and what makes it shoot good.

When holding and resting the rifle with my body, I can “feel the shot” very well. It is harder to do from a benchrest. So, partly it is more a measure of what the rifle can do with less human input. Not that easy with some guns.

The last Benchrest Nationals I attended – Shade to shoot under, refreshments near by. Not too much standing or walking. It is a relaxing way to spend a day shooting and competing.