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Wow, what do I like and dislike about my .25 vulcan?  Hmmm.  Shot count is great, accuracy is fantastic, noise is not an issue since the depinging mods.  I just like the gun, easy to carry and fun to shoot.  If I could change anything it might be just a slightly longer grip for when I carry by the grip.  With my hand being somewhat large, it tends to press into the flesh at the bottom of my palm.  I’m having to reach on coming up with stuff I would change, that is such a minor issue.  Lets see, I would really prefer a synthetic stock and a little bigger butt plate.  I have the smaller butt plate version so I think they have got that covered on the latest mods.  But a truck tough synthetic stock would keep me from having to baby the wood stock to keep the scratches off it.

I actually think I would also prefer the carbine version if the length was not an issue for you.  Honestly my bullpup is the same length as the carbine when I have my moderator screwed on, so I don’t think the carbine is too long at all.  I also think the carbine keeps your cheek off the breech block.  I don’t like putting my cheek on the breech block, so I actually shoot with a small towel over the breech when I bench shoot.  Just a personal opinion, but I don’t like seeing my breath condensate on the breech without the towel.  So the carbine would take care of that.

Great gun, you are going to enjoy it!