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I can add that I measured a BC of 0.0203 for the Barracuda Match (10.65 gr) in my D350.  That gun pushes them at about 935 fps.  That is in the near subsonic range so it might have dragged down the BC a bit, but it probably wouldn’t hurt to include that measurement in your average of the above Chairgun data.  I make that average 0.0236.  The thing is (as I implied) measurements of BC can vary quite a bit with conditions, specific guns, and even different pellet lots.  The good news is the drop of a BC of 0.020 at 50 yards computes to -6.5″ for my rifle zeroed at 25 yards and a BC of 0.025 computes to a drop of -6.2″ for the same muzzle velocity and zero range.  We are talking 3/10 of one inch at 50 yards.  That ain’t much and it tends to be swamped by zeroing errors, range estimation errors, wind estimation errors, etc…  A 30 fps increase in muzzle velocity with that pellet, rifle combination has the same effect, drop goes from -6.5 to -6.2 inches. You get the idea.  The third decimal place is essentially a crap shoot unless you are shooing indoors, under controlled conditions, from a bench.