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I see in a diff thread you have a TX 200 coming. I don’t want you to start taking your rifle apart but let me tell you what I have learned from having a TX 200. Mine shoots great and I see it as a 50 yard rifle. But after a few dozen shots the POI would start changing and it was always the stock screws. They are no problem to tighten up. And after a couple of times I just used Loctite on the screws. But at some point after that I noticed the screw at the front of the trigger guard was loose again. What had happened to my rifle is the stud bolt the screw goes into was getting loose and made it seem the stock screw was getting loose. The bolt that the trigger guard screw(this screw holds the stock to the action) screws into is what holds the spring and the trigger group in the rifle tube. So I also used a little Loctite on that also. 

If I have confused you here is a video that lets you see how easy this rifle is to break down and service. Which I don’t expect you to need to do but I wanted you to see that screw post  that the trigger guard screw goes into.