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It’s a nice looking pistol but that break-barrel single shot design is why I moved away from springers and bought a pcp gun. It’s not a very ergonomic, quick or fun way to set up the next shot. It gets old very quickly.

The metal-work is very nice. If they made a multi-shot version, I’d be excited by it. Edgun makes some beautiful and original air gun designs. They’re never boring to look at and always accurate.

As it stands there are more exciting similar guns available. Specifically, the WARP – compact, powerful, multi-shot, bottle fed and uses AR furniture. Doesn’t look as nice but whatever. It does the same job and probably with more shots per fill. The Ataman pistols and Ultra Compact are another set of multi-shot options with similarly uses.

I’d like to know what’s going on with the Lelya. It’s far more appealing to me. I got excited when I saw that there was going to be a 25 cal. I love the look of it (just like almost everyone else) but I could only see .20 cal versions for sale anywhere when I searched. I was in the market for a compact bullpup recently and ended up buying a Mutant Shorty because it was available and in a caliber people want. I’m dying to buy an edgun and the Lelya would have been top of the list if they could sort out their supply to America. They never seem to be available when I’m ready to buy…