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Hey and Welcome, Ovid!
 As you can plainly see, the “seasoned” members of this site are definitely willing, able and happy to help out the new members of the AN Forum by sharing their experience and wisdom! I am a “newbie” too, just getting back into airgunning after many years and a retired senior (62) myself! I have a very bad back and permanent nerve damage in my right leg…after two surgeries with a spinal fusion, I was very concerned about pumping up my first PCP rifle.
I started my new airgun collection with a Hatsan Mod 95 .22 caliber break-barrel, whichI believe to be the best break-barrel for $200! It’s a little heavy and takes some effort to cock though, so I’d feel one, if you can, before you commit to buy? The next airgun I bought was a Beeman QB78 Deluxe CO2 rifle. It uses two CO2 cartridges and is fairly light to handle, with a very nice wooden stock. Very accurate at close range and gives you lots of shots per fill, 40+ for me. There are tons of “add-ons” for the QB’s…tune-up/repeater/CO2 bottle kits! At $110, it is the “best bang for your buck” in a CO2 rifle, in my opinion.
I just purchased a composite SCBA air tank (44cu ft) on the Airgun Nation classified forum. The tank only weighs 13 lbs (empty) and is very mobile! The seller was very forthcoming with set-up and connection information too! I’ve chosen the Gamo Coyote for my first PCP rifle, based on cost ($519), great reviews (YouTube) and the BSA quality that is very well known and highly valued. I hope to find one under the Christmas tree this year!
It’s a little over-whelming” to try and take in all the new technology, improvements and limitless choices involved with airgunning today! But, if you do your research and ask for help from the many experienced members in all of the airgun forums, you’ll be okay! Our physical limitations are somewhat diminished with all the many options available today, for airgunners of any age…Best of luck in your search!