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The question about which air rifle to buy first is the one that generates differing opinions like no other. We are fortunate to have a number of excellent air rifles to choose from in almost every price range these days. The number of options available means you have to narrow it down with criteria to stop the list becoming overwhelming. 

What I heard from you is that you are a senior citizen with arthritis who likes hunting. You want to be able to shoot at longer ranges and you don’t mind treating yourself to the good stuff. To me, that suggests that a bullpup is right for you.

I’m not a senior citizen but I do suffer with arthritis in my joints and I like to hunt, so I can relate to some some extent. The air cylinder on pcp guns makes them feel front heavy. Shorter center balanced bullpups are easier on achy joints. 

On the range thing, usually higher calibers allow greater long range accuracy. What sort of ranges do you intend to shoot at? I find 25 cal air guns to be a good balance of range, shot count, power and noise but that’s for my needs. I mainly shoot at 50 yards and rarely more than 100. 

If you are hunting small or small medium sized game, I think a Vulcan or a Wildcat would be an excellent choice for you.. They should be light enough to go easy on your joints. 

If you are looking to shoot beyond 150 yards or hunt medium to medium large game, check out the 30 cal Bobcat MK2.