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Hey hold up guys come on?
This guy is not in trouble because he shot the animal he is in trouble for leaving it to suffer in a cage. Come on now, I live in Texas a state that Air Gunners are battling to get laws changed to allow us to hunt game with air rifles. 
How about you do you live in a state that you and your fellow airgunners are trying to get laws changed to allow hunting, How would you feel if that man lived in your state and pulled that stunt? What kind of effect do you think it will make in your battle?
Tell me this how hard would it have been for that old fool to take a hammer or stick or anything and give the animal a cu de graz? instead he knowingly walked away from an suffering animal in a cage for over 5 hours.

NO person has the right to pull such stunt on ANY animal no matter what it is.
I hunt and I at times even hunt for intrusive pests that I may not eat but Never will I be part of or allow a person around me to make or purposely allow an animal to suffer.