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​I’m a senior citizen with arthritis issues so pumping up any pcp is out of the question.  I also like to keep things simple, so scuba tanks and what not to pressurize the gun just doesn’t appeal to me at all.


There’s no free lunch at the physics table.  You have to get the energy into the gun somehow. Tanks may sound like a hassle, but the purchase price is really the worst part.  Carbon tanks are light and easy on the joints.  Much easier than a springer (break barrel) or hand pump for a PCP.

If you got a .22 PCP and set it up with a low power tune, you could easily get 2000+ shots from a carbon tank.  Depending on how much you shoot, that may last a long time.  I don’t find the job of occasionally getting tanks filled inconvenient, when I consider how convenient they make filling a laser accurate, high power, zero effort PCP.