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If money is no object, then your simplest and easiest way to get air would be to purchase an Omega or Daystate compressor. Both are fairly straight forward to operate. Park that next to a 4500 psi SCBA tank (not scuba). Those two compressors will fill the SCBA tank fairly quickly. Once the SCBA tank is full, it is only a matter of connecting to the gun via fill probe or foster fitting and it literally takes seconds to fill the gun. Depending on the gun you will get dozens of refills from the SCBA tank before it needs to be topped off again from the compressor. Also depending on the gun, you will get several hundred to thousands of shots before needing to top off the tank. Once you have the compressor and tank set up, filling the gun is a easy as connecting and disconnect the foster fittings.

As far as a gun, you might look at something light. There is an extensive line of FX guns many of which are very light and super accurate. There are others but I’m kind of an FX fanboy and it’s easy for me to recommend them.

You can get an Omega compressor for ~$1700? Check the website for

You can get the SCBA tanks forĀ  ~ $650? Airgunsofarizona again or is another great retailer.

If you get a nice FX gun or something similar that will give you a better chance of out of the box laser accuracy without needing to tinker…….~$1300 to $1800 depending on the gun you decide on. FX can be found at Airgunsofarizona and

Then a scope if you don’t already have one. The Hawke line of scopes are highly recommended in the airgun community. I’ve had 3 and like them all. Also look at Aeon scopes, MTC scopes, etc. ~$300-$600.

Miscellaneous items like pellets, cleaning supplies, bi-pod, shooting bags, etc. ~$100 to $400 depending on how crazy you go.

Taking all of that into consideration, you can have an extremely convenient, very easy to use fill station and awesome PCP for ~$4600. Add an additional $1200 if you want to step up to the mack daddy of compressors and splurge on the Daystate. Certainly not necessary from an ease of use standpoint but it will cut the time it takes to top off your tank down to about 15 minutes, which will then get you thousands of shots before needing to be used again.

I’ve done business multiple times with all the retailers I’ve mentioned and they’ve all been great to deal with. Very straight forward and hassle free. Good luck with whatever you choose!!!