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BiohazardIt’s an interesting idea, and I think it could be done with a few modifications. I’m thinking that a sidelever or underlever would be more effective, the compression tube and spring facing backwards with an upward-angled transfer port at the end of the tube. Think of essentially an over-under two-barrel look, with the bottom “Barrel” being the compression tube.
As far as the trigger, I’ve never heard of an electronic trigger in any type of springer, but that isn’t to say it’s not possible.
With the ideal length of a springer barrel being around 18 inches (at least, so I’ve heard), it might be very feasible to make a very short rifle. My concern would be the recoil- springers can be brutal in a traditional configuration, but with the piston reversed (AKA the piston slamming towards the shooter during the firing cycle), the felt recoil for even a low-powered model would be cause for pause. Great idea though! I’m interested to see what comes of it!

Those are definitely some good design suggestions. I’m going to try and make one with a regular break barrel. Right now the biggest issue I see is being able to move my scope far enough forward to use but not have it in the way of the breach to load a pellet. I’d have to raise it up a good inch and a half or two to be able to cock it and load in a pellet. An electronic trigger would be fairly simple and would allow me to be able to put the trigger as far forward as I want. It would just be a momentary switch pressed by the trigger to activate a small solenoid to move the sear. I have an old broken break barrel I’m going to use to figure this out until I get a functional stock so I don’t screw up my working rifle.

If I had the money I’d just buy a nice compact PCP but I don’t so I’m trying to make this work. In the process I’m trying to figure out a way to quiet the action noise and not rattle my teeth out of my head from the recoil. I’m thinking making the stock out of hardwood might help absorb the recoil a bit and reduce the noise if I was to encase the action in some way.