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well I have gone down this road in the last year. And at this point in pcp guns I only have a maximus and synrod both in .22. I filled the marauder one time with the hill 4 pump and was on the phone ordering a great white tank. So I think you will spend between 1k and 2k setting up what you want. Try to buy once and not cut any corners and its cheaper in the long run.

I also  have a AA TX200 that with the scope was around 12 hundred in walnut? And for me its not about the money at all…………..but about the time you think you want to pick up a phone and order a new rifle you see the next post on how much trouble a person is having with that rifle. And I know for every 100 new guns the 2 or 3 that don’t work perfect gets the most attention on forums. I don’t even know how it would be to go into a store like AOA. I could see a 10k check being written before I got out the door.

If you were a friend I would tell you to buy a marauder, maybe even in .22 since I like mind so much in that cal(good thing I didn’t read all the old posts about trouble with the old .22 mrod barrels). With the AGN crosman 20% discount or other deals you can get one for around $400. Figure around $300 for a scope and you can spend more or less. Go ahead and get a carbon fiber tank they are so easy to use. Really easy to use! But first do as I did and call around and find a dive shop or some other place that will fill the tanks up close to the 4500psi. I found a shop 9 miles from home, and since that tank fills my rifles 60 times I don’t go very often. Its $6 a fill and I leave it over night with them. So you can spend anywhere from $400 to $900 on the carbon fiber tank. And I’m from the school of bigger is better?

Any way have fun with the trip to the dark side AKA owning a pcp air gun. And trust me others can sure help you spend your money if you believe all your read.