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I lived in Mesa years ago working for Motorola then moved south of Queen Creek into the San Tan Mountains near a Bluff called Owls Head (One other prominent land mark was a white Geodesic dome on a hill). It was a primitive area nested between BLM land and the Indian Reservation. You had to haul water and make your own power. You could see Casa Grande to the south. In a recent video featuring Kip Perot with a Brocock Compatto shooting birds at a dairy I caught a glimpse of the San Tans and Owls Head in the background of a shot. We did have stinging air pollution mostly in the wintertime when there were frequent thermal inversions and this was in 1984. I miss it a lot but it is not the same place it was then as the BLM land has been made into a county park which always attracts more people which bring more trouble.