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“iride”I just did the math at your import Cricket would be about 6,349 dollars.
That’s an insane price,
The import fees must be insane,
Huben, I just think the internet is so cool being able to talk to other people in the world,
I hope the internet is open to all China,,,

There was another Chinese member a few weeks ago who was telling us about the legal restrictions on air guns over there. If the translation was correct, he said they were all illegal to own which explains the huge mark-up on imports. It also explains the creative diy attempts as well as the not so cheap knock offs. 

Other than the price and legal issues, it is kinda similar here in the firearms market. You can pay thousands of dollars for an original AR or build one for far less using generic receivers machined by a large number of small machine shops. 

The other Chinese member also said that their internet access was restricted by the government so no google (or something).