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You know what? A low profile imported Audi Q7, sold in China 900000RMB. I do not know how much the price is in the United States, but I think this is a very crazy price!

PCP in Chinese is prohibited from owning, prohibiting transportation, prohibition of making things (export restrictions on outside), with 2 PCP or more than 500 rounds of lead bullets can go to prison, so the merchants to Chinese in smuggling after PCP will raise prices, a price high enough to adventure!

In this case, PCP enthusiasts will usually choose their own DIY, it will be much cheaper. The cost of a PCP is about 4000RMB! But because they do not have a professional machine, such as CNC. Works will have a lot of small problems, there is no attraction in the shape of the. We all seem to have the same PCP. So I came to this forum!!