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If money was no issue then a small compressor could well be the easiest and simplest option.

If mobility is a problem then I could see how dragging a large tank to a store for refills might be an issue. That being said, carbon fiber tanks are not that heavy and you’ll need some strength to hold pcp rifles anyway. 

I think that scba tanks offer the most flexibility as you can take them with you to the range etc. A compressor usually has to stay at home. Even if I bought a compressor, I would probably still want a small tank for the road. 

The way to minimize hassle with tanks or pumps is to buy an efficienct pcp gun that makes best use of the air so you only need to fill your scba tanks once a month or every two months. The most efficient guns get 60 or more shots per fill. The least efficient get 2 or 3….

You might want to check out the FX Indy as an easy alternative. It is pumped using a cylinder built into the gun. While pumping is involved (and lots of it), it is considerably easier and less uncomfortable than using hand pumps. 

One way or another, you’re going to have to fill that air reservoir.