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as much as I hate to say it unlimited funs don’t fix the issue hes asking as it still requires a tank or some sort of fill station now ive thought about this same thing when my great grand father was still alive a few years ago when I got my first pcp as he taught my father who taught me and he didn’t have the strength really to pump anything but why pump when you can twist
​for you my friend id suggest an Air force air gun single shot with a CO2 adapter so all you have to do is buy c02 cylinders with a threaded end and screw it all together
they will give you a lot of shots but it also has its down side
overtime the money you spend on co2 will be greater then that of an air pump
the fps can vary depending on temp as co2 is more sensitive
​overall fps will  have dropped so I’m not sure how much of a hunter this would be fore you
​but overall this would be the simplest and easiest pap for you In my opinion
​I hope this helped gl to ya