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Welcome to the darkside….. I agree with both of the above reccomendations!  I also have a mutant in short and reg, love them both!!!!

honestly the easiest way to charge will be a tank (either carbon fiber or scuba) otherwise you will be pumping.  Pumping will be the most simple but with a cost of being physically demanding.  A good pump should be in the range of $100-300

 Most will say that they started with a pump but have switched to a tank of some sort.  Some things to keep in mind are with tanks you will need a place that is close (a relative term based on how much you shoot and distance you need to travel). If you decide to go scuba, they are usually easier to fill 3,000-3700psi.  They also provide less fills due to less psi compared to carbon fiber.  Also they tend to be much heavier.  One advantage is that they are much cheaper ~$150-300

carbon fiber tanks are able to fill to 4,500 psi but need special equipment to fill to 4,500.  These tanks are generally lighter, although they cost much more ~$600-800

personally i feel like carbon fiber is the way to go, more fills per tank, lighter, and smaller.  I started with a pump and keep it as a backup, but i have not looked back since ownership of the carbon fiber tank.  

As far as being complicated it is simple.  Plug in hose to foster fitting on tank, plug other end to foster fitting on gun.  Then crack the valve open slowly, watch the guage fill then close the valve when reading at correct pressure.  Release the pressure relief valve to bleed air in hose, disconnect from gun and shoot!  

Very easy, hope this helps