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I see what you mean John  . It might no be a great idea to go out a buy bulk after a few pellet test fires lol .  I like to shoot indoor 10 meter  air pistol and  a lot of times I don’t really care how accurate they are  for practicing told and release  only that they get close . A lot of times if you see pellets on sale  and having  never tried them before  it would be nice to try a few  before you buy  even 250  of them . I’m not saying  to go by the pellets as a final  decision maker  but maybe as a  step in considering if you want to get a 250 tin or not  and like you said there is no guarantee they will be the same  as the ones you buy  but just as a  start  with out spending a lot. Or maybe just  as a collector  of pellets like hard to find older pellets you always wanted  to have a few of  . But I would think a pellet like the H&N Field Target .22 Cal, 16.36 g would be close enough  from batch to batch  to give you a idea  if they might work for you . Oh well it was just a though .