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Where to start. I have lived here for 12 years now. Moved here from MN. I have had asthma since I was 10 years old. I have had less problems with my asthma here than in MN. Depends upon what triggers it I suppose. I have notice that the past few years I have developed allergies that last from early Feb until it gets hot enough to toast all of the blooming plants (May). It does not bother me enough to prohibit any activities. I have started taking local bee pollen. I was told if you do that for at least 1 year and continue on it will greatly reduce or eliminate allergy symptoms. We’ll see. One thing to remember is to always drink water even if you don’t feel thirsty. Especially in the summer. If you start when you feel thirsty it can be too late. I moved here in the month of April it was beautiful, however I was getting headaches quite often due to the fact that I was drinking as if I was still in MN. Once I started drinking more, no headaches. I am self employed and work outside at least 50% of the time year round. If you take proper cautions and use common sense you shouldn’t have many problems with the heat. You quickly learn to find shade out doors and to park in shade. Great weather 8 months of the year. I do not miss the snow, ice, cold one bit. If I feel the need for a taste it is only a 2-3 hour drive away in the winter. The best part is virtually NO blood sucking insects. Very few mosquitoes, I very rarely find them in the valley, no gnats, no horse flies, no deer flies, no ticks …. no itchy bites to scratch. Just like every major metropolitan city there are good areas and bad. Ask around and you will quickly find out about them. I have several customers and friends in LE. Phoenix itself has the lowest number of police officers per capita of virtually every major metropolitan area in the country. I have had only one close call with crime here in 12 years and I travel to and work in several areas that I would recommend people avoid if you have the choice to go there or not (Maryvale, areas of south Phoenix, the “square” in north Phoenix, Sunny slope to name a few). You can see the smog from the north valley over downtown, south phoenix and the airport on days when there is little or no breeze. There are many areas in and around Phoenix that are very nice and I would not hesitate to recommend for anyone. A few things to keep in mind. The metropolitan area is very spread out. I drive between 42K and 48K miles a year for work, going all over the valley. Traffic can be a problem. Drivers here are about the worst I have found anywhere, IMO. Red means step on it and cut across the intersection before cross traffic gets up to speed. Lots to go see and explore in terms of outdoors and the variety of outdoors. Mountains, lower desert, high desert, pine forests, canyons galore and beautiful sunsets most every day. One of the best things in terms of air gunning is that you can shoot in your own back yard in the middle of the city if you have a proper back stop. There are a couple of cities that ban any kind of shooting including air guns in their city limits, Glendale for one and Scottsdale is also pretty restrictive. That is my 2 cents off the top of my noggin for what it’s worth.