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I’m in Tucson but shoot a bunch in Phoenix area. Compared to Tucson the air quality is not as good, but I  don’t notice any difference in breathing, but also have no health problems. Arizona is a great state for shooting great gun laws etc. Green Valley is a big retirement community down here and they have an airgun range at the Qual creek country club., I’m not of retirement age so can’t really fill you in much on that. I like the Southern end of the Valley myself if I was to move to the area it would be , Mesa, awhatukee, chandler, queencreek.area for me. Rio Salado is one of the best range facilities in the Country for shooting sports of all kinds. 
When I  moved to Arizona some 20 plus years ago from PA,  I didn’t have allergies for about 8 years then started to get some to local stuff like olive trees.