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I had a big rat problem in the attic a while back and tried those same Tomcat traps.  For whatever reason they caught a lot of feet and had a lot of misses.  I had to tie a piece of string to each one and staple the string down to a ceiling joist with a staple gun to keep them from crawling off into a crevice.  One evening it sounded like a two raccoons were fighting in the attic and I went up there to find a rat with his leg caught in the trap.  He had the string at full extension and was banging the trap around like crazy.

I did some research and found that the pros seemed to like the victor M326 (slang name ‘Victor Pro Rat Trap’).  I never found any in stores and had to get them on Amazon.  They are much easier to set to a hair trigger than the old style traps.  You set it safely with normal sensitivity, then take a stick and tap the yellow pedal down until it is a hair trigger.  You can even do creative things like nail/screw the trap to the side of a fence or wall and catch rats that brush up against it.  After I switched to these I didn’t have to tether traps any more – I only caught DEAD rats.