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I have relatives in the Phoenix area and visit several times a year. Mother-in-Law lives in Sun City West and my Parents live in Apache Junction. I don’t think I ever noticed pollution in the air. It’s Hotter than Hades in the summer and if you’re shooting in the summer it better be a first light. I literally have burned my hand grabbing a door knob exposed to the sun! The rest of the year is great. I don’t think you can go out anywhere to shoot in the Desert, needs to be at a range.  Travels4fun posted several threads on this topic. There are several ranges in the area. My folks live right near where Extreme Benchrest is held, very nice! The Southwest is an acquired taste and if you like it green you will hate it here. I find people either love it or hate it. I would recommend planning several trips at different times of the year just so you know what you are getting into. My wife LOVES the southwest. I personally, can take it or leave it, We chose New Mexico because it not so hot. It cools off in the evening (even in August). Phoenix stays hot in the evening during the summer. If you are a big game hunter, you may not get tags every year. My brother bitches every year. Quail and doves are quite plentiful ( more so near Phoenix than Albuquerque). I do miss the kind of hunting that I did in Indiana, wish I had started air gunning there. Crime is definitely high here in both states, the “Cholo” are always on the prowl. The cost of living is reasonable and because of no grass, there is very little yard work (more time for shooting). Homes are built on top of each other! We also have very little bugs, namely mosquitos, however, the plants can “bite” you if you are not careful. Thorns can go right through your shoes and I have gotten several flats going off road running over these damn things. 
You will definitely have to consider your trade offs. I don’t miss blowing the drive at 5 AM and having the friggin snow go down my coat. Seems like the Airgunners in Phoenix are always having events. I have considered joining them but I’m about  7 hrs away. 
The one thing to remember is, it is HOT, hot and dry! You always leave the house with water!
Hope this helps,