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“SocalTrail”I feel the same way about the Mutant. Now my Daystate rifles get very little love. As soon as the .25 is out it is very possible a Daystate will be listed for sale to fund the purchase. 

As noted above several times, the quality is above what you would expect at the price point. Just a few small refinements here and there and the Mutant could honestly be the top dog in the PCP market.  

I’m interested to hear what refinements you would like to see to make it top dog as you’ve had yours longer than me?

I have a few thoughts but it’s mostly very minor stuff like the coating on the air tube and shroud. The only thing of substance so far is how I would change the stock but I haven’t finished going through it yet.

I keep looking at Ernest’s mini 30 and thinking that I need to learn how to use a lathe so I can make stuff like that myself. There is a maker space near where I live where you can rent a desk for $30 per day and have access to lathes and mills etc. just need to learn to use them without killing everyone else there first….