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OK, ran into a problem. any place that carries parts carries nothing whatsoever for a first gen 160. Nada. Zippo. Zilch. I can get close on the butt plate & sand one down to fit. But that sliding safety switch behind the bolt can’t be. Not so far as I know or have found anyway. So I’m screwed on that one. Unless one of you has one they’re willing to part with. Or one of you airgun smiths can fabricate to fit? I was afraid something like this would happen. But, being common enough for me or someone like me to find…I thought some parts might be around? Whether used or NOS…
​Another problem I just realized, with a seal kit & manual from rjferon on E-Bay is the manual. the front page of the ” Factory Service Manual” is NOT 1955, that it says on that first page. Even the picture is wrong for 1955-56. Not the variant 1 that I actually have. What he gives, according to the exploded diagram & Crosman’s own listing, is variant 3, with cast trigger assembly & S331 peep sights, dated as being produced 1960-1971. I left him a msg to that effect as well. I’m just hoping the seals will work. I found a safety on e-bay that looks like a maybe, but idk how it’d fit?
​Need advice asap!!!****
​Talked to Dennis Baker a couple hours south of me, & he explained to me never to buy those E-Bay seal kits! He said there’s a (stem seal assembly(?)) missing that is proprietary. without it, that little bag of seals from fleabay is worthless. I am so glad I spoke to Dennis! The man is quick, smart & honest! He also mentioned that when they updated a model in those days, they destroyed the old diagrams. So the 1960-1971 diagram is likely the only one left in existence?